Written by Alex:

Recurring Music Expert for the Swedish TV4 Morning News 

Språktidningen – Poetic text: “Min son blev till himmelsdun” [3/2017]

Allers – Poetic text: “Kärt barn har många namn” [#16/2017]

Metro Sweden – Poetic text: “Vi borde dela med oss av kärleksord” [February 10, 2017]

PopLife Magazine – Front cover interview with Eric Saade [2010]

Felira [2005-2010]

Chili Magazine [2005 – 2008]

Aftonbladet [February 4, 2005]

Expressen [January 23, 2006]

Liebling [2005-2006], Member of editorial staff

TilliT [2008]

VeckoRevyn [#3/2009]

Amelia [#20/2009]

Radikalt Forum [2005]

jag:konsument [2005]

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